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Anpro 120PCS Round Ceramic Magnets 18mm Ring Magnet Perfect Small Magnet for Fridge, Whiteboard, Fridge, DIY, Science, Hobby Crafts


Ex Tax: $13.99

120 GRADE Y30 1200 Gauss Industrial Disc Magnets Round ceramic magnets: diameter 18mm (0.71"), thickness 5mm.  DIY magnets are ideal for craft, school, office, craft, home, science projects and product applications, such as glass gems, mirrors and other DIY hobbies; you can use them as refrigerator magnets. Micro disks with slanted edges prevent surface scratches. The north side of each craft magnet is marked, so you can choose the correct direction for application. Ceramic magnets are not toys, they can only be used in crafts, science or production, please keep your childr..

Anpro 20PCS 10mm x 10mm x 4mm Square Neodymium Magnet Powerful Pull for Whiteboards, Refrigerators, Magnetic Boards


Ex Tax: $6.99

Note: These are strong magnetic magnets, not children's toys! ! ! It’s not good enough for people with a heart trainer or defibrillator, please stay away from children. Magnetism: These are small, very strong magnets. It is not easy to separate them, so it is best not to put them too close, the safe distance is 10 cm...

Anpro 230kg super powerful neodymium alloy corn magnet, diameter 75mm, thickness 15mm


Ex Tax: $26.99

Aluminum alloy makes it lightweight and durable. This capo is suitable for guitars with flat keys. Capo dedicated to acoustics. The capo designed according to the mechanical principle can be tightened firmly and easily adjusted. Rubber pads help protect the strings and fingerboard without affecting the quality of pitch and tone. The sleek and simple design brings a great feeling, making it suitable not only for guitars, but also for other musical instruments...

Anpro 4Pcs Macrame Plant Hanger, White Handmade Cotton Rope,Indoor Outdoor Hanging Plant Pot


Ex Tax: $8.99

4 different design Plant Hanger with different knots and styles, simple and exquisite design, suitable for flower pots of different colors and patterns, perfect display of your lovely plants. Environmental protection material: made of high-quality natural cotton and wood beads, durable, not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, can be used for a long time. Hand-woven rope: pure hand-woven,multi strand rope weaving, strong and durable,beautiful shape, knots are not easy to loosen. Suitable for flowerpots with diameter below 25cm, suitable for various shapes, ceramic flowerpo..

Anpro 60 PCS Sewing Clips, Multipurpose Sewing Fantastic Quilting Clips for Crochet Knitting, Crafting Sewing Patchwork Crochet Accessories, 6 Bright Colors, 27 * 10mm * 15mm.


Ex Tax: $7.99

MULTIPURPOSE: Not only does it help you to repair regularly, let the presser foot stay in the same straight line when sewing a garment as an essential assistant, and then it also becomes a good DIY accessory, but we can also seal the bags with them. REFINED CONSTRUCTION: ABS clip and solid and non-rusting manganese steel, especially in the mouth of the clip, there are four small low columns which favor the pinching of the fabric or other materials safely, attention, the fabric is not Too much also often there are three marking lines which mean 5mm, 7mm and 10mm away from the mouth of the ..

Anpro 60PCS Round Neodymium Magnets 10mm Diameter, 2mm Thick 200g Powerful Pull (One Small Magnet) For Hanging Paper, Folder, Photo, Recipes on Magnetic Frame or Fridge, Magnetic Board


Ex Tax: $7.99

Multi-purpose and do-it-yourself: very suitable for use in the kitchen, such as hanging recipe paper or household items, memos, shopping lists, etc. It is also convenient to use in the office, attaching small items, cards, multiple paper magnetic boards to small items Or a blank board that needs to be moved frequently, which is essential to appear in DIY or creative works. Lovely effect: These are round magnets with a diameter of 10mm and a thickness of 2mm, which are not easy to separate, so it is best not to place them too close, the distance is less than 10cm, the weight of the best at..

Anpro 9 Pieces Aluminum Crochet Hooks - Crochet Needles with Colorful Soft Rubber Handles with 10 Pieces for Crochet Knitted Scoreboards.


Ex Tax: $6.00

Made of aluminum, this crochet hook set is lightweight, easily avoid corrosion, perfect for knitting and crochet The comfortable soft rubber grip is non-slip, making it easy to hold the crochet while knitting Includes 9 sizes from 2mm to 6mm The colorful stitch makers are great for hooking into the knitting or crochet stitch to avoid slipping out Soft rubber handle, each hook is 14cm long...

Anpro Crochet with Case Aluminum Crochet Needle Case with Protective Leather Case, 100 in 1 DIY Set.


Ex Tax: $12.98

The crochet kit contains 100 pieces of tools. Save your space, score a point, measure a length- this set has things you need. SAFETY HOOKS :The hooks are smooth and symmetrical which means no more snagging or tearing your yarn as you knit. Each size printed hooks you know you need. Convenient compact and easy to organize...

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