Anpro Guitar Strap Locks 5 pairs, Silicone Rubber Guitar Strap Blocks / Guitar Locks, Bass Guitar Strap Locks for Locking Guitar Strap

BRAND: Anpro



Locking guitar strap – a simple solution to hold guitar strap in place, avoiding strap coming off during usage

Silicone material – it is flexible enough to stretch and sit between the strap and pin

4 colour of strap blocks- white, black, blue and red. Blue strap locks are 2 pairs and other is 1 pair each

The diameter of the strap block is 25mm and diameter of eye hole is 8mm with thickness 3mm. Please make sure the the block could sit properly over the strap button and consider the guitar strap thickness and tightness before purchase

Quick Installation: Stretch enough to put the strap lock on over the strap button, stretching so that it is between the strap and behind the strap button


Helpful, Convenient and firm. A small but effective item for holing guitar strap in place. Anpro guitar strap locks is a good choice for guitarist.

Package includes: 4 x Blue guitar strap locks   2 x Red guitar strap locks   2 x White guitar strap locks   2 x Black guitar strap locks  Warranty: 60 days money-back & 24-months warranty & Within 24 hours response