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Band Name: Anpro

Manufacturer Name: Anpro

UPC: 606794751359

  • Various Usage: Anpro sewing kit meets many basic needs. It is specially designed for quick repairs at home, traveling or emergency mending, like rips, holes, unraveled hems, missing buttons and more
  • Multiple Selection: There are 18 spools sewing thread in the most popular colours stored in sewing case and extra 20 sewing thread came with the sewing kit. With total 38 spools multicolour sewing thread you will be sure to have the perfect sewing job
  • Compact Design: Compact sewing kit is designed for quick repairs, suitable for home, travel or emergency fixes
  • Good gift: A Useful gift for mother, grandmother, a frequent traveler, a backpacker, sewers, crafts and just about everyone
  • Extra Accessories: Besides the normal accessories such as thread,scissor , Anpro sewing kit has 20 additional spools sewing thread (thread colour are random) and 40 quality sewing head pins

Product Description

Package included: 
1 x PU case
38 x Sewing threads
30 x Stainless steel needles
40 x Head pins
4 x Safety pins
4 x White button
4 x Sew-on snaps (press studs)
1 x Crochet hook
1 x Knitting needle
1 x Threader
1 x Metal thimble
1 x Needle bottle(include 5 straight pins)
1 x Stainless steel earpick
1 x Stainless steel scissor
1 x Crayon
1 x Tape measure (inches/ cm)
1 x Seam ripper
1 x Round magnifier


60 days money-back & 24-months warranty & Within 24 hours response

Price: £18.99