Anpro 12PCS Spatules à Raclette en Bois Alimentaire14cm

  • MULTIUSAGE: Anpro lot de 12pcs spatules enlèvent bien le fromage qui ne colle pas à ces spatules, on peut l’utiliser pendant le bbq ou d’autre occasions
  • MATIERE: Fabrique en bois alimentaire et pratique ,léger et agréable au touché
  • DIMENSION: Longueur total de environ 14cm, largeur de la tête de spatule de 3.7cm
  • ATTENTION: Il ne suggère pas les mettre trop longtemps dnas la situation de la haute température ,par exemple , après avoir remué à la spatule, mettez-les dans l’assiette pas dans un plaque de cuisson toujours, n’oubliez pas les laver au lave-vaisselle en enlevant des taches de graisse
  • PAQUET COMPRIS: 12PCS Spatules à raclette en bois
Band Name: Anpro
Manufacturer Name: Anpro
UPC: 57E68F6360F3F9F4
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Anpro Silicone BBQ Gloves Heat Resistance Grilling Silicone Oven Gloves for BBQ, Oven, Grill, Cooking, Baking, Smoking, Frying

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Band Name: Anpro

Manufacturer Name: Anpro

UPC: 714953986587


  • High temperatures resistance: Heat resistance of the gloves are designed up to 425 °F for safe grasping to handle the hot pots and pans
  • Antislip Design: With many little antislip nubs on the both surfaces, the fingers could grip the gloves easily to carry large heavy soup pots, hot pans,crock pots,casserole dishes and toaster oven racks
  • Safe and Applicable: The silicone gloves, which are waterproof and heat resistant, can handle food directly. Great for the people who like BBQ, cooking, grilling, baking, frying
  • Easy to Clean: The high quality silicone material and non-stick feature make you clean the gloves easily. After being cleaned by any dish detergents, they look new and smell fresh again. They are wishwasher safe
  • Best for You: You will surprisedly discover that the gloves are waterproof, ultra-flexible, stain-resistant, and durable. For someone who deeply loves grilling and cooking, they can perfectly protect you from the burn


Product Description

Anpro BBQ Gloves
Made from high quality silicone material, the grill gloves can protect your finger and wrist from the heat and burning. With the design of a five fingered grip, our waterproof grill gloves can conveniently be used in the grill or in the kitchen. You’ll receive superior burn protection and versatility for all of your cooking ventures!

The anti-slip design
The silicone nubs all over these gloves are designed for greater control and protection from extreme temperatures. And then you can safely and stably keep the hot food right where you want them. Comfortable and easy to use, perfect for BBQ, cooking, grilling, oven baking, smoking, etc…

– Heat Resistant Up from -105~425°F(-40~230°C)
– Safe for holding food, unilateral thickness is 2.2mm, belonging to thicker version
– Light and Flexible, weight 4.86 oz, made from food-grade silicone material
– Size fits most people, 10.5 x 7 inch
– Water proof and easy to clean

Package included
2 x Anpro Barbecue Gloves

60 days money-back & 24-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.

Price: $9.99